Interior Diving Hotel

underwater nature as inspiration

The hotel has been designed in such a way that guests can dive in the Oosterschelde during the day and enjoy the hospitality, shops and car-free quay in the afternoon. The underwater world of the Oosterschelde comes to life in the interior of the Diving Hotel. The colors and shapes of undersea life give the hotel character and identity. This already starts with the façade and the wavy plinth transition and roof edge termination.

Large facades have been designed in the plinth that connect the quay with the lobby. The lobby has a special arch construction and feels like a submarine cave. Corrugated soft shapes are combined with sandy and stony materials. The soft sea colors of the underwater animals are combined with cuddly materials.

The lobby is positioned on the ground floor with a split level connection to the hospitality industry. The reception is on the split level. Above the counter is a large void where the glass practice pool can be seen on the top floor. The sunlight that enters through the pool gives a special reflection through the hotel. It looks like you’re in a hotel under water!



Interior Diving Hotel


Anton Zoetmulder, Elise Zoetmulder




6000 m2