In a team of specialists we design complex inner city restructuring and master planning, to narrative architecture, striking interiors and specific product and furniture design.

Anton Zoetmulder

Anton Zoetmulder graduated cum laude from TU Delft and, as an architect-designer, he implements the concept development of small and large projects.


Elise Zoetmulder

Elise Zoetmulder graduated from the Willem de Kooning academy and the Manchester Metropolitan University as a product and interior designer, she specialises in designs that arise from a story and intuition.


Team members

Angela Willemsen / Özlem Durmaz Can / Lorenzo van Pul


Beveland Wonen / Bremen Bouwadviseurs / Case Study Homes / Delft Design / Europan / Frater Leo Disch / Gemeente Almere / Gemeente Goes / IMd / Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur / Jeroen Verrecht / Joannes Bosco Stichting / KKEC / Marsaki / Puik Design / Roza Schous / Siebring&Zoetmulder / Stichting Amonet / Staatsbosbeheer / Titia Hahne / Westfield

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