Brainpark Rotterdam

Exodus of Cars, Revival of Hortus

The concept EXODUS OF CARS, REVIVAL OF HORTUS is developed within Europan 15. Firstly, we create a new proximity between education, working and living. Secondly, we rethink the transition between the high-speed mobility of the car and the qualities of the pedestrian park.

The latent green quality of Brainpark is unlocked by rethinking the current mis-matched relationship between the low-speed pedestrian (and bicycle) quality of the park and the high-speed quality of the car and its proximity to the highway. By storing the cars in a longitudinal car park, we turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Brainpark keeps its excellent connectivity by car and additionally we create a much-needed sound barrier towards the highway.



The green landscape gives potential for new functions, in particularly: housing and education. The proposed housing typologies match the possibilities of the direct proximity: student housing match the EUR university campus and starter housing for those that transfer to working at Brainpark. The housing and educational functions form a new ‘in-between’ of the faculties of the EUR campus and the office blocks of the Brainpark campus. Bringing the two closer together.



Europan 15


Exodus of Cars, Revival of Hortus