Research inclusive city

a building block of the inclusive city

A ‘Themablok’ is a multi-functional residential building block in which the functions are united by a specific fixed theme. The attraction and association of different residents and users is facilitated by the collective interest in this theme. The theme has the potential to unite different income classes with different backgrounds with different positions in society within one residential building. Therefore the ‘Themablok’ represents the building block of the inclusive city.

A ‘Themablok’ contains certain standard adjustments that are designed to match the theme, but would normally be very exclusive. The Music ‘Themablok’ has homes with a soundproof music room and optimum moisture management (for preserving the instruments) as standard. The theme is expressed on the outside, so that the theme becomes recognizable in the city. This creates a character in the city and gives expression and identity to its residents and users.



A ‘Themablok’ is a hybrid living environment. There’s a mix of housing types and functions. A ‘Themablok’ takes shape in an urban residential block, a small-scale neighborhood or as a themed street. The theme says something about the houses and the expression of the residential building block, at the same time it also has an effect on the surrounding (semi) public space and the functions in the plinth. The ‘Themablok’ is elaborated on different scales and gets expression in the city by displaying its theme.





Het Themablok


Anton Zoetmulder, Elise Zoetmulder


Research, Urban