Grant ‘Beauty as Experience – the Toolbox’

A good start to the new year! At the very last minute of 2021 we were granted the subsidy ‘Vital cities and villages’ from the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

In the coming months we will be working on our research ‘Beauty as Experience – the Toolbox’. In this study we investigate an alternative method for dealing with densification issues in neighborhood developments. By means of a qualitative approach, instead of a quantitative approach, the experience of beauty of the existing neighborhood and its residents is central.

This project is based on the graduation research ‘Beauty as Experience’ from Anton Zoetmulder, which was further elaborated by Lorenzo van Pul during his graduation internship at ZOETMULDER. In collaboration with Gemeente Delft and Dorp, Stad en Land we will fine-tune the required Toolbox and examine the implementation of this methodology within a concrete case. More about this soon!