Multifunctional community centre Limburg

strong scenic line of sight

ZOETMULDER has presented an integral design vision for Open Club Klimmen, together with Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur, Bureau Verbeek, IMd and Nelissen. A multifunctional meeting place for all residents of Klimmen where education, care, culture, sports, entrepreneurship and club life come together. The site is located in the hilly South Limburg landscape, a stone’s throw from the center of Klimmen with its characteristic church tower. In our vision there is a far-reaching integration of urban design, landscape, building and sustainability.

The relationship between Open Club Klimmen and the village of Klimmen is stimulated by a strong scenic line of sight. This runs between the church tower, the Heart of Open Club Klimmen and the hilly landscape. The line of sight is enhanced by a waterline that flows down over the traditional landscape. This landscape consists of several terraces in which parking, bicycles, a vegetable garden and fruit trees are integrated. The ‘oude Kerkepad’ meanders gracefully over the terraces and connects Open Club Klimmen with the village center. The building moves with the height differences of the landscape and is partially sunk into the ground. A balanced building volume is created with respect for the landscape, from where the traditional terrased landscape and the underlying hills remain visible.

Open Club Klimmen is an all-sided building consisting of a central Heart with three wings that welcomes the community from all sides. The wings consist of three clusters: the Child Center, the Sports Hall and the Canteen with association functions. The clusters are placed in such a way that they seek connection with matching outdoor spaces, such as the forecourt, a terrace, the sports fields or enclosed playground. The identity of the clusters becomes visible, they each have a recognizable head with an oblique cap, height accent or overhang.

The different users come together in the Heart. Here you will find the collective main entrance, the shared functions and a multifunctional grandstand staircase with a view of the landscape. The Heart of the building is crossed by the scenic line of sight. Whenever one moves through the Heart of Open Club Klimmen, the line of sight towards the church and the Limburg landscape comes to life.



Design Vision Open Club Klimmen


Anton Zoetmulder, Elise Zoetmulder, Özlem Durmaz Can, Nicole Hartmann




Concept design