Monday Mug

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A mug playing with architectural proportions

The Monday Mug is a series of uniquely shaped stackable porcelain cups in soft shades of misty blue and cobalt.

  • blauw grijs monday mug plastisch getal design productdesign productontwerp keramiek porselein serie dom van der laan

For the shape of the cups, we played with architectural proportions inspired by the mathematical rules of the ‘Plastisch getal’. This is methods created by Monk and architect van der Laan and is a way of applying the Golden ratio in 3D. Next to that the playful geometric look is inspired by elements from designs by the Memphis group. During the crafting of the cups the pigments are blended through liquid porcelain and poured into the mold, which is then fired and finished. A sophisticated detail of this piece is the elegant contrast between the soft matt finish of the outside and the high gloss finish of the inside of the cup.

Sold as a set of 2 of one colour. Set of two mugs € 24,95 and a set of two cups € 19,95. A collaboration by Siebring & Zoetmulder for the brand Puik.



Siebring & Zoetmulder


Porcelain cups


Elise Zoetmulder




Monday Mug (Bekijk op de kaart)




Elise Zoetmulder & Lianne Siebring