Residence South-Limburg

In our design for a house in Banholt, a village in the hilly landscape of South-Limburg, we connect the past with the present. We have designed a straightforward barn shape for the clients, that follows the adjacent buildings in shape and character. The storage and the garage are part of the entirety, this ensemble encloses a patio-like courtyard where sunny and shaded spots alternate. The gate meeting at the front door offers entrance to the lot. The northern part comprises a fruit orchard that refers to the local landscape.

The top part of the barn shape is almost completely clad with wooden slats, which emphasize the long shape of the house. In the ground floor facades, closed parts alternate with big open parts that frame the view on the beautiful landscape. The volume of the house goes inwards on two points in relation to the wooden barn shape and hereby creates space for the entrance. The concrete plinth extricates the height difference of the landscape and simultaneously offers entrance to the covered route to the front door.

This is how the entrance provides a gradual transition from outside to inside. The stair lies in the extension of the entrance and turns 45 degrees to further ascend along the historical brick wall. The living area is positioned on the south and frames the rolling landscape through storey high windows. The kitchen is on the northern side and is connected to the courtyard through a glass facade. On the top storey, the hallway is on the western side of the roof-ridge where it connects to two bedrooms, a bathroom, a separate toilet, and a master bedroom with adjacent bathroom.

This project is designed in collaboration with Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur.





Home and garden


Anton Zoetmulder, Elise Zoetmulder


Architecture, Interior


Banholt, Limburg, Nederland (View on the map)


Completed, 2018


Early 2018