Sketching from memory

My name is Nicole Hartmann, from March till July I had a good time during my internship at ZOETMULDER. After the summer I will start my Architecture masters at the TU Delft.

Every day, I cycle past the houses in the photos to the office. These houses in the Coendersbuurt are self-built houses and therefore they all have a very different appearance and character, designed by the residents and different architects.

Anton, Elise and I came up with a challenge: each morning I would choose one of the houses and try to remember the façade, without stopping my bike. That day I would try to make a coloured sketch of the façade by memory. On the way home I took these pictures to compare the sketch to the real façade. These particular façades were a nice challenge because of all the differences in size, style, use of material and colour.

Besides practicing my sketching skills, the goal of this challenge was to learn how to look more precisely and catch the essence of a façade in a quick sketch. At first I thought the different and sometimes weird facades would be hard to remember. However, they appeared to have quite logical layouts. Therefore the sketches came out reasonably truthful, even though I studied them in less than a minute, while riding my bike.

Learning from my way home!