Publication Local Heroes – Renée Gailhoustet

For Local Heroes wrote Elise Zoetmulder about French architect Renée Gailhoustet. In the publication, Elise writes about her special euvre which she realised in an activist way in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Her best-known work can be found in the Ivry sur Seine in Paris where residential buildings seem to grow into the city like green mountains.

Local Heroes is an initiative of Office Winhov, a series where guestwriters contribute by writing about their own Local Hero; Architects whose work fascinates and inspires us. Sometimes they are part of the historical canon, but more often we find them on the periphery of our architectural history. Like Gailhoustet who only just gained international recognition at age 92 by winning the Royal Academy award.

What makes this publication unique is the focus of Elise on the plans and how the homes are used by its habitants. What to know more? Click here and discover what made Gailhoustet special and how her ideas continue to inspire current residents to live in their own way.