Learning from Delft

I am Long Yin Kwan, you can call me Tom as well, and I am an intern at ZOETMULDER. As a fresh master graduate from the University of Hong Kong, I obtained the ‘Search Year Visa’ and started working here from January 2020.

As an intern, learning is crucial, and one of the ways to do so is to read. In the ocean of books in the office, there was a book that caught my attention “Learning from Las Vegas”. A classic among architecture books which has been on my reading list for a while. I was able to borrow the book and this classic became part of my evening spending.

Another way to learn is to practice. From reading and discussing with Anton, he suggested that in fact I could also have my own research from the idea of “Learning from Las Vegas”, to start observing my daily environment of Delft, from the perspective of a newly arrived resident.

Based on this research, I have compiled a collection of photo’s categorized into three scales, S, M and L ranging from tactile details, scenes on a personal scale to environments viewed from afar.

The complete collection is available on Issuu via this link.