Exhibition ‘Steef Zoetmulder’ Kunsthal

From September 2nd to January 7, 2024, Kunsthal Rotterdam presents the photography exhibition ‘Steef Zoetmulder’. Photographer Steef Zoetmulder, family of Anton and Elise Zoetmulder, is a key figure in post-war Dutch art photography and is known for his creative imagination of ordinary reality. Special structures and patterns, emphasized by unexpectedly angles, lighting and cuts are characteristic of his work. Iconic Rotterdam buildings, still lifes, portraits and abstract compositions: more than fifty vintage prints, manufactured by Zoetmulder himself, are shown to the public for the first time in the Kunsthal.

Steef Zoetmulder is also known for is architecture photography. The photo of the shop window on the Lijnbaan in Rotterdam is one of his most well-known works. The work forms a vibrant composition of a view through the window as well as a reflection in de window on the Rotterdam street scene where, while you look in the shop window, you see people looking in the shop window. Zoetmulder has a clear admiration for shape: angular, round, hard and soft shapes, secluded in a detail or combined with each other. Architecture and still lifes with vases and glassware are particularly suitable for this photography and therefore appear frequently in Zoetmulder’s photography.

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  • Steef Zoetmulder, Self-portrait, 1945 Ontwikkelgelatinezilverdruk, 44,5 x 33,1 cm Universitaire Bibliotheken Leiden

  • Lijnbaan Rotterdam, Steef Zoetmulder, 1955-1960, collectie Nederlands Fotomuseum

  • HBU-building (Erasmushuis), Coolsingel Rotterdam, Steef Zoetmulder, ca. 1939 - Ontwikkelgelatinezilverdruk, 47,5 x 37,5 cm Universitaire Bibliotheken Leiden