Porcelain display shelves

research into poetic design methods

As part of a material research we tried to find the most elemental shape for liquid porcelain. To achieve this we developed poetic design methods which resulting in working with a balance between ratio and intuition.

All shapes are created by slowly pouring liquid porcelain on a flat plaster surfaces. The wooden structure together with the porcelain emphasizes the contrast of the material; fragile and strong, soft looking and at the same time hard in touch. The atmosphere of the objects is meant to fade into the surrounding area, the lines of the structure continues and the porcelain shapes in soft colours have round and blurry edges.

The designs are purposely made to look like a functional objects and at the same time have the presence of an artwork. In this way art and function stand in balance to create a poetic design which enables to experience beauty.



Porcelain material research


Elise Zoetmulder


Design, Research