ZOETMULDER x Architectuurcafé lecture

Beauty as Experience – the Toolbox’ is an alternative method of densification on neighbourhood scale that considers the experience of beauty within existing neighbourhoods and focuses on the experience of its residents. In collaboration with the city planner of Delft and Stichting Dorp, Stad en Land ZOETMULDER applied this method to Tanthof-Oost an neighbourhood in the South of Delft.

“Densification is often approached with a mindset that focuses mainly on quantity of space rather than improving the overall quality of neighbourhoods along with it. We offer a method that uses another approach. The base to this densification method is the potential experience of beauty in a neighbourhood. The qualitative and potential elements of beauty in existing urban settings are stressed and simultaneously deliver locations for urban densification. This is how we approach a typically quantitative kind of intervention from a qualitative perspective. Are you interested in how we developed this method and how you can make use of it yourself? We’d love to tell you more about it at Architectuurcafé!”

This time Architectuurcafé is taking place on 14th march 2023 at the office of ZOETMULDER on Papenstraat 7 in Delft. Doors are open from 19:30.