ZOETMULDER x Architectuurcafé lecture-night

During the Architectuurcafé from Delft Design, ZOETMULDER gave a lecture about their research method Beauty as Experience – The Toolbox.

‘Beauty as Experience: The Toolbox’ is an alternative method of densification on neighbourhood scale that considers the experience of beauty within existing neighbourhoods and focuses on the experience of its residents. In collaboration with Tako Postma, the city planner of Delft, and Stichting Dorp, Stad en Land ZOETMULDER applied this method to Tanthof-Oost, an neighbourhood in the South of Delft.

De lecture explained how the method works and how we developed it. Enthusiastic questions followed from the audience during the Q&A. The second part of the program consisted of a workshop where people could experiment with the application of the method. As a case study we took the Bikobuurt in Tanthof-West. The workshop was carried out in 3 groups, which resulted in varied outcomes and enthusiastic discussions about the application of the toolbox. Finally, the lecture was discussed during a closing drink.