Women In Architecture Symposium

On Friday, june 16, Elise Zoetmulder was one of the moderators during the symposium ‘WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE’. This symposium is in response to the launch of the same book by NAi Booksellers, which gives space to underexposed voices in architecture and thus attempts to make architectural history more inclusive. The publication ‘WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE’ encourages a new way of looking, investigating and discussing. During the symposium this new way of looking is implemented via lectures, panel discussions and interactive conversations with the audience.

Catja Edens spoke about her research about archives in order to disclose the contribution of women. By painting a more complete picture of the history, there is being contributed to the polyphony of the field. This way, a new discussion is developed about the meaning of the interior architecture field and about what defines a successful career. During the panel discussions it was noticeable that the theme connects people of different generations and backgrounds. Moreover, during the panel discussions the hope appeared that a more inclusive working method can contribute to solving bigger problems like the climate crisis. Because in doing so, thinking from a collective based on equality is important, while at this moment individual interests are more often pursued.

This striving for equality doesn’t have to imply that we all have to go on the streets and demonstrate, because mainly the informal conversation plays a big role. It can be applied in your daily life by taking a mini-activistic attitude, to bring up inequality in a informal way or to commit yourself as a role model.

The day is closed off on a hopeful note, the movement that is started already causes more commotion towards a more inclusive society and work environment.