We are selected for ‘Ministerie van Maak’

1 million new dwellings! That is what the Ministerie van Maak – an initiative of the International Architectuur Biennale Rotterdam (IABR), MANN en ZUS – wants to show in a trajectory that invites a hundred designers and experts to situate 10.000 appartements in an area assigned to each one specifically. We have been chosen to design one of these areas – Roosendaal Oost. We are excited to take on the challenge of creating a city that supports and offers space for diversity. Hence, a place where people can live and work and that allows humans and animals to live alongside each other. In the upcoming weeks we will add the required apartments in our base model on a scale of 1:2.000. Meanwhile the other design teams do the same. Eventually, this leads to a collective design that is local as well as national in scale.

The outcome will be visitable in the biggest map of the Netherlands from october 14th to november 13th during the 10th edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

Are you interested in the development of our model? Follow our instagram stories to see how it evolves!