Article Renée Gailhoustet

Elise Zoetmulder wrote an article about the French architect Renée Gailhoustet for the Dutch magazine De Architect. Still unknown to many, but in the 1970s, 80s and 90s she realized unique social architectural and urban development projects in which creating connections between people is key. As Gailhoustet lovely states: ‘to enjoy the pleasure of living as a cultural act’.

At a time when we in the Netherlands are often guided by hard technical requirements early in the design process, it is important to leave room for the softer sides. Like Gailhoustet, we should leave room for the social, not excluding the intuitive and the unexpected. Her work is a source of inspiration for tackling the current housing crisis in a more integrated and less rigid way. Time to (re)discover Gailhoustet’s building philosophy! Read the whole article online.

This year we are working on a more elaborate piece about Renée Gailhoustet for the platform Local Heroes. This research is a continuation of our earlier research into the French architect Jean Renaudie.