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We are ZOETMULDER. A design agency for architecture, interior, urbanism and design. We blend these specialism’s by carefully dealing with the themes: scale, atmosphere and sustainable materiality.


ZOETMULDER UNITES SCALES: From complex inner city restructurings and master plans, to narrative architecture, striking interiors and specific product and furniture design. We design from the largest scale to the finest detail.


ZOETMULDER CREATES ATMOSPHERE: The built environment is designed per square meter but experienced in atmospheres. We translate square meters into atmospheres suiting to the dreams of the client, the desires of the users and the specific characteristics of the location.


ZOETMULDER ADVOCATES SUSTAINABLE MATERIALITY: Sustainability is making smart use of the available natural resources. We employ sustainable materials in all of our designs. Through our extensive material knowledge we connect sustainability with scale and atmosphere.


ZOETMULDER CONDUCTS RESEARCH: Our design philosophy is derived from our continuous research in scale, atmosphere and sustainable materiality. This research gives shape to new design methods that empower our projects.


ZOETMULDER designs architecture, interior, urbanism and design connected by scale, atmosphere and materiality.

Anton Zoetmulder 06 - 375 98 341

Elise Zoetmulder 06 - 304 16 294