Westerschans 1B Goes

architectuur westerschans goes ontwikkeling fasering baksteen geel kanaal water wonen golvend balkon hekwerk klok toren
westerschans goes woningbouw golvend balkon water kanaal ontwikkeling geel bruin kade autoloos

A reference to old port areas

Westerschans 1B forms an important urban connection between the living and shopping district of the Westerschans development in Goes. The rounded and transparent shapes of the shopping plinth connects the higher shopping area to the lower car-free waterfront of the Westhavendijk.

  • architect zoetmulder westerschans goes zeeland rws sociale huur woning huis bouwen kanaal water geel baksteen patroon geel brug

The four floors above contain 27 apartments with a large diversity of housing typologies. Six housing types, from standard apartments to luxury penthouses, are all characterized by their splendid waterfront views. All apartments have a private parking lot in the parking garage below, the four penthouses have access to their personal garden or patio.

The colors and materials are derived from the material scheme of the Westerschans development, in this way the area obtains a natural unity. The horizontal accentuation of the volume is specified in the urban plan. We developed this concept into a continuous and curving balcony, which gives the building a powerful identity within the urban ensemble. The curving balconies refer to the omnipresent water, additionally the protruding shape of the waves give prolonged access to southern sunlight.

This project is designed in collaboration with Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur.



RWS projecten, Marsaki


Westerschans 1B



Van der Poel


Architecture, Urban


Westhavendijk, Goes (View on the map)


7870 m2